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Posted on: July 15, 2017

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What is it?
Magicfly hair heating straightener brush is anti scald, static, detangling and silky straight, which is perfect for daily use by
women or men. No more putting up with damage or broken hair, or struggling with knots that take time and effort to untangle.

Base heat (330°F) for FRAGILE to NORMAL hair
High heat (390°F) for NATURAL TEXTURE hair
Very high heat (430°F) for CURLY, WAVY or THICK hair

US version: 125V, 60 Hz
Watts: 45W (watts:47W)
PTC stable ceramic heater
Digital vivid LCD display
Various temperature setting from 330°F - 430°F (160-210°)
Nano ceramic painting on barrel
Heating speed: ≧270F/120S (≧130℃/120S)
Max temperature: 390°F +/- 50F (200+/-10℃)
360℃ swivel cord, US PLUG
Auto shut off: 60+/-5min

1. If you are unsure of your type of hair, begin with a lower temperature.
2. NEVER touch heating plates unless appliance is cooled off.
3. Please keep your hair dry and neatly groomed before using.
4. Press the button to turn on the brush and adjust the temperature. And wait until it reaches the desired temperature.
5. Clip the upper hairs on the top and out of the way.
6. Start at the roots, hold the brush outwards and glide down the hair towards the end. Keep moving the brush to avoid damage from excess heat.
7. Continue to straighten the hair section by section.

Product Features

  • IONIC CERAMIC TOURMALINE-INFUSED PLATE: This updated ions eliminate frizz and the ceramic plats is built to last heat balance technology: evenly distributes infrared heat across the plate to avoid damaging hair with excess heat, suitable for all kinds of hair
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND SIMPLE OPERATION: This small and exquisite Hair Straightener Brush really easy to use, long press for turn on and off, set the proper temperature for your hair via the LCD display when it is on. Convenient to carry out as it's light enough
  • DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL 350-450°F: High temperature but non-scalding and anti-static. Its advanced technology and stable property enables rapid heat-up when switched on
  • AUTO-SHUT OFF/SAFE MODE: automatically powers down after an hour of inactivity. 360°swivel cord: Keep your hair detangling while styling. The built-in comb offers a massaging effect that benefits the scalp and simulates hair follicles
  • Our Magicfly offer a 100% satisfaction warranty with full refund, backs up that promised. Do not hesitate to bring this wonder life accompaniment home

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